I teach Saxophone Clarinet and Flute

I teach all styles and genres though Jazz is my speciality.

I use Trinity and ABRSM exam boards. Currently I have a 100% pass rate.

Every student I have taught has had an individual, unique style and therefore each one has been able to approach learning in a slightly different way. Over the past 15 or so years I have amassed a wealth of experience and I am able to offer lessons to cater to any style of learner regardless of age or ability. The aim of my lessons is to ensure that every student maximises their potential.

My Teaching Philosophies.

  • To enable students to develop a well-focused tone, strong technique and theoretical knowledge.
  • To promote autonomous learning and constructive self- criticism.
  • To enable students to explore their own individuality and style.
  • To encourage students to explore the full spectrum of musical styles.
  • To enable students to develop a confident approach to performance and improvisation


Areas to cover depending on Student level.

  • Breath control
  • Posture
  • Embouchure
  • Correct hand positions
  • Tone production
  • Articulation and Timing
  • Scale/chord knowledge
  • Technique
  • Repertoire covering a wide range of styles including pieces from Exam syllabuses.

I have been lucky to teach a wide variety of students from complete beginners to those wishing to pursue music as a career. Over the past few years many of my students have gone on to study Music at Conservatoire level as well as gaining entry to the Royal Academy of Music junior department, Purcell school of music and becoming members of National Youth ensembles.

The following video is a short performance by one of my recent students shortly before his conservatoire auditions.